Five Tips for Designing a Creative Logo Design


If you think designing a logo is a simple task, you might need to think again. There is much more in creating a logo design than placing your brand name in shape and calling it a day. From researching your company goals, understanding your audience in determining the right colours and fonts for your design, there is a lot you need to consider when designing a logo. 

It can be said that a company logo design can make or break the company. A professionally designed logo can communicate the values of the business and make a perfect first impression on the audience. You need to make sure that your logo is aesthetically pleasing to engage the audience and influence their actions. 

A logo design has the potential to convert the audience to loyal customers. To create a successful image of the brand, entrepreneurs approach logo Design Company in Australia, UK, Canada, or more so it can serve many different purposes for industries and businesses. 

Here are five tips which can make your design creative

Visual double comprende

Think FedEx or Coca-Cola. Both the logos have one thing in common—they both contain hidden meaning in their logo design. Visual comprende is a technique which utilizes the negative spaces in the design to make a logo design memorable for the audience. Take FedEx for example; it has a hidden arrow in the middle of the “E” and “X” of the word. Although it uses plain text in the design, it delivers the message of the company as being the fastest delivery services. 

Don’t forget the color psychology 

Colors have a significant effect on the human psyche. They carry meaning and can communicate ideas without uttering words. Colors grab the attention of the audience and breathe life to the illustrations and concepts of the design while delivering the right message to the prospects. That being said, make sure to choose the right colors while designing your logo.

Consider symmetry 

Proportion and symmetry make a design aesthetically pleasing. Creating a balance is important in design. Consider the design of Twitter and Apple, for example. The wings of the bird in the image and the apple bite of Apple’s logo are perfectly symmetrical which makes them pleasing to look at.  

Add a sense of motion in design

An exciting and trendy look to your design can be added with the addition of action in the image. The creativity of the design can lead the business to its success. For example, if you own a travelling company, you can use an image of a plane departing from the airport. Another example of such a design can be twitter. In the most recent design of the brand, the designers took the flight of the bird a little to further by moving it more up rather than in a straight direction.

Understand what it means

The story telling ability of logo designs is undeniable. Far from being a simple sketch, a creative logo design has the potential to contain the history of the brand and convey a hidden meaning to the audience. A designer put in a lot of effort in designing a simple image of the brand. Your customers will always expect something unique, so it is important that you understand what your brand means before creating an image that represents your brand. 


Your company logo design is the image of your business which represents its values and mission in the most creative way possible. You need to make sure that you choose the right elements to create an appealing design for your company.