Web Marketing Strategies: Blog Roles and Goals


For some time now you have been hearing about blogs and the need for a brand to have one, to be able to count on the Web in its own and identity space. Yes, because this is what it is: the blog is your home open to the online world, a place to express yourself and host yourself.

But specifically what do I need the blog for? Why should I invest in running a blog? You keep asking yourself, I know, so my answer will not be long in coming.

In the meantime, however, I want to invite you to reflect on a question that you can no longer ignore: the blog is a fundamental tool in your Web Marketing strategy for your Tech Licence website, in fact we had already analyzed all the advantages of a corporate blog.

Do you want to promote your brand on the web? You must develop a digital strategy that takes into account the objectives you want to achieve, who you are, who your customers are and the budget you intend to invest.

Starting from this set of considerations you will then have to decide which tools to use and, in all likelihood, the blog will be one of them. I’ll explain why.

Roles and goals of the blog in your Web Marketing strategy

Investing in the management of your Personal or Corporate Blog is essential because the blog is the communication tool that, realistically, allows you to achieve important business objectives. Here are what it is: 

1. Branding with the blog

The blog is the ideal place to freely tell who you are and what you can do. It is your home, an intimate and personal space in which to host people-customers and give them something of you, something useful and precious.

It is by telling your story, demonstrating your skills, showing your skills that you can strengthen the authoritativeness of your brand and inspire trust.

2. Make Lead Generation with the blog

Making Lead Generation means winning new customers. As I suggested, the blog is an open and hospitable environment, ideal for telling you and showing what you can do.

The result? You will be able to conquer new readers, transform them into prospects potentially interested in your product or service and then convert them into leads that are actually interested in your offer. That is, you can generate profits for your business. 

3. Increase your awareness with the blog

By posting interesting content, maintaining relationships with your readers, encouraging them to dialogue and sharing, you can increase your visibility on the Net and reach an ever wider audience of potential customers.

All at low cost compared to traditional means of communication. 

4. Do Lead Management with the blog

Doing Lead Management means retaining the customers you have managed to win. How can the blog help you at this stage? Regimenting relationships, dialoguing with your customers, enticing them to have their say, listening to them and offering them a fixed appointment.

In doing so, your communication will move to another plane, the one that involves two interlocutors who are no longer brands and customers but person and person. The result? The relationship you build with your customers will be stronger and longer lasting. 

5. With the blog, you bring qualified traffic to your website

The blog allows you to do one very important thing: to donate content that is really and concretely useful for your customers or potential ones. In this way you will be able to direct qualified traffic to your website that is to bring people potentially and really interested in your offer. 

6. With the blog you can produce content for your social profiles

The blog posts you publish, the images and the infographics with which you enrich them can prove to be a successful content on your social profiles, an aspect not to be underestimated when planning your Social Media Strategy.

In fact, for your investment in Web Marketing to work, it is essential that all the tools you use are cooperating with each other and that they work together to achieve the same goal. 

7. With the blog you can do Customer Care

The blog is an equal communication tool, in which there is no longer any difference between the brand that, in traditional media, emits the message and the customer who receives them. On the Net, and on the blog, everyone has the right to speak, everyone expresses his or her question, answers and affirms.

That’s why the blog, thanks to its immediacy and the speed of communication it is able to guarantee, can prove to be an excellent tool for Customer Care, that is, precise and punctual assistance for your customers. How? Answering their doubts, their requests.

You can do this both in the comments section, and by studying informative blog posts capable of answering their questions. My advice is to enrich these blog posts with images, infographics and video tutorials.

Can Blogs Really Profit My Web Marketing Strategy?

What I have suggested are the results that the blog can guarantee for your business but, in order for your investment to be profitable, the management of the blog must be carried out with professionalism and skills.

You will have to do it:

  • Planning an appropriate strategy;
  • Posting the content really relevant to your target;
  • Publishing continuously, without breaks or holidays;
  • Responding to your readers’ comments, encouraging them to have their say;
  • Promoting your blog with effective actions on all other communication channels, both online and offline (print media, newsletters, social networks, forums, events and so on).

In short, without petrol your car will certainly not start. Do you agree with me?