Top Google Ranking Factors You May Not Focusing


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an extremely dynamic field. This field is evolving day by day. Its reason is that SEO is important for the improvement of the ranking of a website in the search engines. In the past, SEO was not a problem. Its reason was that you can easily rank your website just by following some essential techniques. Now, the scenario is completely changed due to Google algorithm updates. Now, if you want to improve the ranking of your website, you will have to focus on lots of ranking factors. Here, we will discuss the top Google ranking factors that you may not be focusing on.

Right Backlinking Strategy:

Backlinks provide the foundation for a website to rank higher in the search engines. All the backlinks are not helpful for a website to rank higher in the search engines. Therefore, you will have to follow the right backlinking strategy. First, you should create backlinks manually rather than buying. You should also try to get backlinks from those websites which are relevant to your niche. You should also try to get backlinks from the authentic websites. Its reason is that one quality backlink is better than several ordinary backlinks.


It is a query dependent ranking factor. This ranking factor doesn’t apply to all the search queries. Anyhow, if you are running a news website, this ranking factor matters a lot. Google thinks that people like to read recent news. That’s why Google ranks those websites in the search results which are sharing the fresh content. If your website is not relevant to news, you should also think about this ranking factor. Along with publishing the new posts, you should also try to update the old posts. This thing will provide an idea to the search engines that you are fulfilling the required needs of the readers.

Publish In-Depth Content:

Google likes those websites which are providing the best user experience. To provide the best user experience, you should share the in-depth content on your website. It means that you should share everything about a specific topic in a post. Moreover, you should also create in-depth content by conducting research. Instead of explaining the ordinary points, you should try to explain the in-depth points about a specific topic. When you publish in-depth content on your website, readers will spend more time on your website. Moreover, bounce-rate of your website will also be increased. This thing will send a positive signal to the search engines about the authenticity of your website.

Page Speed:

It is also one of the most important ranking factors since 2010. As told by a coursework help firm Google included it in the ranking factor because it had affected 1% desktop queries. Now, this ranking factor has become more important. Its reason is that most of the people search the content on mobile devices. If your website is taking more than three seconds in loading the data, users will leave your website and move to another website. This is not a good sign for the ranking of your website. Therefore, if you want to improve the ranking of your website in the search results, you will have to optimize the speed of your website. You can easily optimize the speed of your website by installing a responsive theme, by minimizing the sizes of the images and by removing unnecessary CSS files from your website.


HTTPS increases the security of the visitors on your website. It increases the security of your website by encrypting the data between the browser and the server. If you have not included HTTPS on your website, Google will show ‘Not Secure’ warning to the visitors. This is not a good sign of the authenticity of your website. If you are running a business website, it is must to you. Its reason is that on your business website, customers have to buy products and services. If your website is showing the ‘Not Secure’ warning, your customers will never share their credit card information on your website. This thing can also decrease the ranking of your website in Google because Google doesn’t like those websites which are not secured.


If you have created your account on the Google Search Console, you will get complete detail about the search queries. On the Google Search Console, you can check the number of clicks from desktop devices and mobile devices. When you check this thing, you will get an idea that most of the visitors are visiting your website by using mobile devices. That’s why Google has also included ‘Mobile-Friendliness’ in one of its ranking factors. By using Google Search Console, you will also get an idea either your website is mobile-friendliness or not. If your website is not mobile-friendliness, you should make it mobile-friendliness for better ranking in the search engines.


You should design your website and create content by keeping in mind the visitors of your website. Its reason is that if your website is providing the best user experience, it will also get a higher rank in the search engines. To provide the best user-experience to the users, you should share easy-to-read content for the readers. You should make your website well-organized. You should share interesting and intriguing content for the users. You should ensure the responsive design of a website. You should include the content into different categories. When you include the content into different categories, your readers can easily find out the content.

Social Signals:

Google has not included social signals into its ranking factors. Anyhow, social signals play an important role in increasing the ranking of your website. Its reason is that social media sites are authentic websites. Google’s crawlers regularly crawl these websites. When they find the links of your websites on these social media sites, they try to immediately index your website. These social signals also increase the authenticity of your website. When you share content on social media sites, you can also drive traffic to your website. If you have shared the best quality content, these users will try to spend enough time on your website. This thing will enhance the user experience of your website.